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                      • 佛山市南海佰威建材有限公司

                        • 地址:佛山市南海官窑七甫工业区

                        • 电话:0757-85126188  85126199

                        • 传真:0757-85121133

                      •       佛山市南海佰威建材有限公司是一家集开发、生产、销售于一体,专业针对建筑工程金属装饰材料的运用及研发的专业性企业。


                        Foshan Nanhai baiwei building materials Co., Ltd. is a collection development, production, sales, the use of specialized for construction engineering metal decorative materials and development of professional enterprise.
                        The companies adhering to the "professional and technical principle, quality first, service as a fundamental" of the enterprise and faith, and strive to forge ahead on the road of specialized production and operation, to provide satisfactory products for the customers with high quality and low price.
                        We introduce the domestic and foreign advanced production line and metal curtain wall metal ceiling processing machinery and equipment, in production technology, quality control and management technology into the international advanced management, product development and design team with rich experience, specifically with the construction of all kinds of ceiling series modeling and process structure of the deepening of the design, make the ceiling, curtain wall structure of various schemes in architectural thought can break materials and process limitations become reality.
                        In the field of building materials, the production of: aluminum curtain wall plate, non-standard modelling smallpox, carved metal punching decorative plates, aluminum honeycomb plate, aluminum plate, with smallpox of aluminous gusset plate, aluminum grille smallpox smallpox, aluminum hanging sheet, stainless steel products such as decorative building materials and engineering. Products applicable to the airport terminal, subway ceiling and wall, inside and outside the hotel walls, opera, Museum of science and technology, administrative building internal and external wall and ceiling decoration engineering. Products are imported, domestic high quality aluminum made its sound-absorbing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moistureproof, high performance advantages are obtained unanimous recognition and trust of customers.
                        Evaluation of the customer is the product of perfect reflection. The business a few years like a day caring for the user to provide pre-sale, sale, after sale of full set of service process, not to abandon the faith and for each link, so that users could enjoy a high quality products at the same time, can have a warm family like enthusiasm.
                        We firmly believe that, as long as it is with the market oriented, innovation as the driving force, to the quality of survival, to the development of stronger demand, we will win a better tomorrow.

                      版权所有:佛山市南海佰威建材有限公司 | 网站备案:粤ICP备15008760号


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